About Me

I have been passionate about Pilates and participated as part of my personal fitness for many years.

It helped me stay fit and healthy and I learned it was also a great benefit to rehab my own injuries. In the end I decided to make a career change, I studied to gain qualifications and then began teaching in 2014.

I continued to study and learn and am now also fully qualified as a fitness instructor, kettlebell, circuits and a level 3 sports masseuse. As an experienced sports masseuse, I have many people come to me with the usual and unfortunate lifestyle issues so common in today’s lifestyle – sore neck, bad lower back, weak core, painful trigger points in the mid/upper back – often due to hours sat at a desk or stooped over a computer.

I provide classes for Wokingham Council, instructing Pilates and Aerobics for the over 60’s. This is a very passionate part of my job helping mobility and movement for older aged participants.

I mainly run small friendly classes of Pilates for all levels based in my cabin in Bracknell.

In the classes, I can give each exercise a progression (or regression if you are struggling) and have a great deal of knowledge of the body and its workings; we are all different and need to work to our own abilities – something I am very passionate about!

I use equipment where I can including foam rollers, trigger balls, bands and stability balls to make it more fun and keep you interested – helping you make the most from your class!